Why Health And Safety Signage Is Important To Your Business

It is important to have correct health and safety signage implemented into the workplace. It helps to inform and instruct employees and the public, prevent accidents from occurring and in some scenarios, prevent death.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) there were 144 UK workers killed at work between 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016. A figure that should be much lower with the correct health and safety signs implemented into the workplace.

In November 2016, the annual statistics report was released by HSE, which outlined information about workplace-related injuries and illnesses. The statistics showed that there were 1.3 million people suffering from a work-related illness, over 621,000 work-related injuries and 2,515 people died from mesothelioma – an illness brought on from asbestos exposure.

There is a correlation between the introduction of safety signage and a reduction in the number of accidents. To ensure safety in the workplace, the first step is being able to alert people to any dangers in the workplace, and to have a compliant sign in place to notify people of the danger. There are hundreds and hundreds of signs available online for all types of hazards, emergencies and dangers.

It is essential for businesses to have up-to-date signage. If incorrect signage, or no signage, is in place then it could lead to extensive fines or serious consequences, including prison sentences, personal injuries or even loss of life. These guidelines and consequences are enforced by the HSE.

Health and safety signs are important for all types of businesses. If the business is open to the public, then health and safety has to be one of your top priorities. It is the job of every employer to keep their staff safe at work.

It is important to use the correct health and safety signs in the workplace, to ensure everyone abides by the rules and understands potential hazards in the workplace. Important signs to implement include fire exit signs, hazard signs, prohibition signs, first aid and safety signs and fire action notice, to name just a few.

Having the correct health and safety signs in the workplace is important to abide by the Health and Safety Work Act 1974, and to keep the working environment safe and free from accidents.