Travelling Safely In London

London is a fantastic place to visit, with plenty to see and do and historical sights around almost every corner. Despite its size, London is a very safe place, however, as with all large cities, it’s always worth taking sensible precautions when you’re travelling around the capital.

Here are our top tips for a safe, enjoyable trip.

Walking around London

With so much to explore, London is a perfect city for walking, but make sure you are always aware of your surroundings – particularly when walking at night. Plan your route before you set off and stick to well-lit areas, avoiding any shortcuts. If you do start to feel threatened, or you get lost, head to a public place where you know there will be other people.

Traveling by public transport

Forward planning is also key when traveling around the capital by public transport. Make sure you know your route and your stop, and check the timetable for the times of the last bus or train to avoid getting stranded. When boarding a bus, or going through station barriers, have your oyster card or ticket ready so that your purse or wallet stays out of sight of would-be thieves. Should something go wrong, there are Help Points and passenger alarms throughout the public transport system, which can put you in touch with a member of staff.

Catching a cab

Travelling around London by car can be a good alternative to using public transport, particularly late at night. Using a London chauffeur service is a great option, as having a regular, reliable chauffeur can be more convenient than relying on taxis. If you do decide to get a taxi, be sure to use a licensed black taxi or book a licensed minicab. Never accept a lift from a driver off the street (only black cabs can pick up passengers) – instead use Transport for London’s Cabwise app to have taxi numbers sent directly to your phone.

However you decide to get around, stay aware, stay safe, and have a great time exploring our capital city.