Thinking Of Moving To Bermuda?

The Lowdown On Relocating To Beautiful Bermuda

Are you considering moving to Bermuda? The following guide will give you advice on the costs and logistics of living there.

With a temperature that rarely dips below 20C, it is easy to see why people from the UK are attracted to life in Bermuda. Moving abroad is a huge step though and there’s a lot to bear in mind before you take such a leap. Consider these points to assist your move to this beautiful part of the world.

Cost Of Living

It is important to note that Bermuda is expensive in comparison to the UK or the US. It is expensive to shop here as most products have been imported from elsewhere. However, one of the financial bonuses of living in Bermuda, particularly if you’re working in a well-paid position is that no income tax is taken from your earnings, although you may be required to pay tax back home.


Your UK driving licence isn’t valid here and you’ll need to be a resident in order to apply for a Bermudan licence. Due to the number of tourists that visit, rental cars are prohibited, but you’ll see plenty of scooters on the roads.


Don’t let your beloved pets stop you from your dream of relocating – dog or cat export to Bermuda is simple as there is no quarantine period and it is a rabies-free zone. You’ll need an import certificate and a health certificate that has been issued by a vet within 10 days of your arrival.

Where To Live

If you’re lucky enough to have your employer pay for your housing, then you might have the option of living in central Hamilton or enjoying an apartment with a sea-view. If you’re footing the bill yourself, then be aware that the Bermuda property market is expensive and you’ll need to set aside a minimum of $3,000-5,000 per month for a decent three-bed place.

Deciding to move to Bermuda is a big step; if your employer is footing the bill, then there’s every reason to go for it, but otherwise make sure you have plenty of savings and do plenty of research before you travel.