The Ultimate Home Extension

A modern conservatory can add a new dimension to your property

There’s practically no end to the flexibility and style of modern conservatories, so it’s entirely possible to install one that complements the design of your property and suits your particular needs. Whether you wish to add space to one or more rooms, extend the kitchen and dining area, create an airy home office, or make more of your garden the sky really is the limit.

Conservatories to suit your property

Almost regardless of the type and period of property you live in, a conservatory can likely be built to complement it. You’d need the services of a conservatory designers who can design and create a conservatory in a bespoke fashion, as different people have different needs from their conservatory.

Examples of differing requirements and how they might be met:

Insulated glass – if you wish to spend time in your conservatory during the colder months, then certain types of heat insulating glass may be specified to keep things as warm as possible.

Privacy – maybe you’re overlooked by neighbours? If so, frosted roof glass or maybe a solid roof may be favoured.

Flexibility – bi-folding doors can offer security yet be easily opened up to create a large space connecting the outside with the inside quickly and easily.

Adjustable – when the sun is in a certain position modern blinds systems can be easily adjusted (often electrically) to ensure the conservatory is habitable throughout the day and evening.

Matching the period of the property

A key concern is that the conservatory blends with the style of the property, and this is very important with period homes. There have been cases of conservatory companies being able to replicate the design of an old conservatory previously attached to a property and modernise it.

The new conservatory can benefit from modern advances such as double glazed and heat insulating glass, UPVc frames and secure, smooth operating doors and windows yet look as if it was built at the same time as the rest of the property.


For a space dominated by glass, the right type is very important. Gone are the days where basic single panes of glass had to do; nowadays various glazing options are available to suit the demands made on the space.

Glass is one of the main ways heat can escape from inside a property, so there are options to make a glass-dominated space more comfortable even in chillier weather.

Thermally efficient – stops heat escaping. Double glazed panels filled with an energy efficient gas such as argon is one method as is glass with a heat retaining coating.

Tinted – ideal for reducing the sun’s glare and beneficial if your conservatory faces the sun most of the day.

Self-cleaning – a coating helps break down dirt by reacting with sunlight, so reducing cleaning frequency. This glass works best with more steeply pitched roofing.

Laminated – strong and hard to break so offers more security.

Toughened – resilient and will break into small pieces when broken.

Georgian bars and smaller paned glass – to match existing property period aesthetics, Georgian bars can be created but would be expensive due to the time and likely specialist manufacturing of certain materials. A Georgian UPVc bar can be inserted between panes of glass making for a less costly but convincing looking option.

Frosted – mentioned above, frosted glass can be specified in various patterns and tint strengths and may be specified for privacy or simply for its aesthetic value.

Gain more benefit from the garden

A top class conservatory is a great way of benefiting from and enjoying the outside and the garden, even in the winter and in the evening.

A modern and comfortable space enables you to enjoy natural light and the surroundings of your garden. This can be the case even in the winter and in the evening; judicious use of lighting in the garden can create a very relaxing and attractive environment.

The all year round addition

Modern conservatories are definitely viable as an all year round living area, not just in the spring and summer when temperatures rise. The variety of types as created by bespoke conservatory design specialists mean you can make the most of and extend your property in various ways.