The Most Fashionable Watches In 2019

Update Your Wrist With These Trendy Pieces

Whether you’re looking for tech, eco-friendly or a classic design, 2019 has some striking designs from the world’s leading watch brands.

The new year is a great time to freshen up your look, and what better way to get on trend than with a striking new wristpiece? Watchmaking is going through some changes in 2019, as brands explore the link between traditional features such as precision accuracy and reliability, with modern requirements such as smart technology. This season has some exciting new watches for you to browse through, whatever you’re in the market for.

Mondaine Essence – £149

This Swiss brand appeals to eco-conscious consumers, as the watch materials are made from sustainable materials. The strap is crafted from natural rubber that is comfortable for the wearer, whilst the watch case uses rizinus, also known as castor oil which can be used as a bio-plastic. Even the packaging is environmentally-friendly, as the pouch is made from plastic bottles.

Gucci – Le Marché Des Merveilles – £760

The famed Italian fashion house never fails to impress with its striking and quirky designs – and this year is no different. Bold animal imagery is a major theme in the latest collection which was unveiled at Baselworld. This watch in particular is a head-turner as it features a bright green strap and face, with a red, white and black snake curled around the design.

Ball Watch Co – Engineer Master II Diver TMT – £3,010

For those that like to look fashionable in the water, this offering from the Ball Watch Co is considered the best underwater model in the market at the moment. The thermometer sub-dial gives the wearer a clear indication of the surrounding temperature. Ball Watch tend to use social media rather than marketing at large industry events, so keep an eye out for further developments online.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 – £1,400

Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment, and although the Apple Watch 4 is dominating headlines, for those looking for a little more luxury, the Tag Heuer model is the perfect choice. The face boasts a traditional mechanical watchface which makes it more aesthetically pleasing than the Apple anyway.

Rolex GMT Master II – £6,800

No list of fashionable watches would be complete without including a Rolex piece amongst the options. The Oyster Perpetual GMT Master II device is perfect for international travellers as it allows you to read the time in two separate time zones simultaneously. The watch is available in different colour combinations, but perhaps the most stunning in the range is the 18 carat Everose gold, which comes with a Cerachrom insert in brown and black.

This list might understandably make you want to hit the shops, but if you’re concerned about the affordability of some of these pieces, then you don’t necessarily need to take out personal finance for your new accessory. If you have an existing watch that you’re willing to exchange, then visit a value my watch site for a fair and reasonable price to help offset the new purchase cost.