The Best Season to Lay Artificial Grass

Autumn has the perfect temperature and weather conditions to install an artificial lawn.

Now that Summer is over, many people think that because the warm weather and sunshine has gone, the season to have a beautiful lawn is over.

Come September, your lawn will need a lot of maintenance, weeding and mowing if it’s to survive throughout the frost, snow and freezing temperatures of the winter. For this reason, Autumn is the perfect season to switch from a natural lawn to an artificial lawn, installed by a professional team of artificial grass installers Essex.

Ideal temperature

The best temperature to install artificial grass is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. Professional artificial grass installers will roll the strips out in the morning in this temperature to let them ‘relax’ for a couple of hours. In the afternoon, once the grass has climatized, they can then be cut into strips crossways to be laid. They are laid crossways as when the grass shrinks or expands, it will do so only lengthways.

Quieter in the winter months

During the Summer, the grass will be exposed to extreme heat, people walking over it and pets trampling over it. Waiting until the cooler months, where the garden naturally won’t be used as much, is the prime opportunity for artificial grass to be installed. Installing the grass in the Winter allows it to settle and be ready to use time Summer comes around again!

Appropriate weather

With the grounds wetter, it makes it much easier to have the grass installed. Heavy rain has an impact on real grass as a lot of gardens have poor natural drainage to grass can quickly become drowned in Autumn rainfall. Artificial grass however has a porous back, which allows water to pass from surface to sub-base, making sure an artificial lawn will not get flooded.

The perfect investment

If you have experienced problems with your grass in the past, it’s likely that they will occur again. Your garden may not be able to cope with heavy downpours, or be surrounded by big trees that bring a lot of shade. Alternatively, you could live in an area that receives a lot of rain in the Winter months, turning a garden into a mud bath. If you suffer with these issues, an artificial lawn can save you a lot of hassle!

Having an artificial lawn installed frees you of having a messy, water-logged back garden to look out the window at. An artificial lawn reaps year-round benefits whatever the time of year. Whether Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, the artificial grass will always remain green and usable!