Save Money with DIY Car Paint Repairs

A careful repair job can make scratches, chips and other imperfections invisible!


It’s very rare that you will go through life with your car remining flawless and untouched. There will be occasions where you scuff the kerb, clip the wall as you’re reversing or scratch the car on a post, but there are a few ways to save you money on DIY car paint repairs.


DIY car paint repairs


Car paint suppliers have expert paint technicians on hand to provide you with expert colour matching guides and touch up tools to take on your own DIY job. Scuffs and scratches are very common and can be repaired at home. Technicians can assist you and provide easy steps on how to repair and remove the marks, by recommending an appropriate repairer. Quality body shops will provide helpful information and tips to make the process run smoothly.


Stone chip repairs


A good DIY stone chip repair takes time, a close paint match and a steady hand – all of which can be easily achieved! Clean the area with soap and water and rub down with white spirit. Once the area is dry, sand down any raised edges using dry sandpaper. Apply the primer and apply thin layers of paint. Apply a top coat to seal the stone chip repair and allow to dry.


Cleaning up rust


Rust stains are not only unsightly, but left-over time can spread and cause damage that goes beyond the surface of your car’s body. Prolong the life of your car and keep it looking healthy by treating it as soon as you spot it.


For small areas of surface rust, sanding, primer and paint is all you need. Start by sanding the area to ensure a smooth finish. Once the area is clear of rust, wipe down the area with soapy water. Once dry, mask the area that needs painting with masking tape and apply a primer that’s suited for painting bare metal. Select your shade of car paint and apply a thin layer to avoid dripping.