Resin Driveways Have The Best Kerb Appeal

A new drive can improve the first impressions a property creates

Ask any estate agent and they’ll all likely agree that ‘good kerb appeal’ is a key aspect of selling a property. Kerb appeal is the overall first impression created on those pulling up outside your property and viewing from the front.

Good first impressions

A neat and tidy look with a well kept garden, paintwork in good condition and no obvious issues with the roof, such as loose slates or tiles, all help to create a favourable first impression along with these other measures.

To that list you could add a top class driveway; tired asphalt or concrete spoils the overall look of a property so a new surface may be in order.

Amongst the options such as asphalt, concrete or paving slabs is the rising popularity of resin as a material for driveway construction.

Popular and durable

Resin as used in driveways is a combination of various aggregates including granite, quartz and shingle mixed with a resin that is then spread onto the driveway or hard standing area. It makes for a smooth and durable surface, and the work is best completed by experts with a strong track record in installing resin driveways.

Variety of applications and designs

Resin is an ideal choice because it can be used in various ways where a hard surface is required, and a multitude of design styles.

Applications – along with driveways, resin surfaces are ideal for general hard landscaping areas in gardens, swimming pool surrounds, patios, paths and courtyards amongst others.

Design – because of the way the various aggregates can be blended in terms of colour, composition and size it’s possible to choose a variety of colours and finishes.

For example, a coarser or smoother look can be specified – it’s even possible to embed designs such as crests or patterns into the surface.

It means creating strong kerb appeal with a good looking driveway or hard standing area is easily achievable with resin – especially with the ability to create a look that particularly suits the property.

Practical and permeable

If you’re selling your property, along with the favourable first impression a resin driveway can create is the benefit for prospective new owners of a highly practical surface.

Practical benefits:

  • Slip resistant – safe for cars and foot traffic
  • Spillage resistant – even oil and diesel can be easily cleaned up without leaving stains
  • Low maintenance – the smooth surface makes it easy to clean quickly, and resin is highly resistant to weed growth
  • Low cost – if you already have a suitable sub base a new resin surface can easily be installed onto it
  • Weather resistant – resin can stand up to harsher cold conditions or hot sun, and its colour won’t fade


An important aspect of hard standing areas such as driveways is their ability to allow rainwater to pass through and drain naturally into the ground below.

Some non-permeable surfaces don’t allow natural drainage; water runs off and into the main drains so putting extra loads on sewers.

This is becoming more of an issue as the UK climate now experiences heavier rainfalls over shorter periods; this factor, coupled with more hard surfaces as towns and cities expand, is causing the country’s drainage systems to become overloaded at times.

It’s why there’s increasing levels of flooding after periods of heavy rainfall as drainage can’t always cope; more hard surfaces where water runs off them isn’t helping.

Resin surfaces, despite being smooth and hard, allow water through so allowing natural drainage.

Professional installation

Finding a driveway expert who can install a resin driveway properly is vital; because of its seemingly straightforward nature, some inexperienced people are jumping on board and offering resin installations.

Guard against these by choosing carefully and asking for evidence of a strong track record.



How a resin driveway can help with a property’s kerb appeal with appearance and the practical benefits; low maintenance and a permeable surface for natural drainage.