Paper Fast Becoming London’s Top Nightclub

Nightclub dancerAfter Eight Long Years, This Club is Back in The Capital

Once a celebrity hotspot, the recently relaunched Paper is becoming the hottest club in town once again.

It’s no secret that London is home to some of the best nightclubs in the world. Frequented by celebrities and royalty alike, the capital’s clubbing scene is one of its biggest attractions. One of London’s most popular clubs, Paper, was forced to close eight years ago. This left many devoted revellers devastated, as it was seen by many as the place to be on a Saturday night. Now though, the club has reopened in a fantastic location, and is fast overtaking its rivals to become the hottest club in town once more. Thanks to its popularity it’s difficult to get in – unless you’ve got your name down on the guest list.

An A-list pedigree

Back in the Noughties, Paper was the most exclusive club in town. Celebrities couldn’t get enough of it. If you managed to get in, you could expect to mingle with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, P Diddy and countless other movie and music stars. Keira Knightley even celebrated her 21st birthday there. Sadly, the club was forced to close in 2009 when the building it was located in was turned into a luxury five star hotel. As the years went on, other clubs went on to fill the gap Paper had left.  When it was announced that it would be reopening in 2017 though, everyone was excited. It was like it had never been away!

A great new location

Paper’s new location in Soho puts it right at the heart of London’s vibrant party district. Over one million pounds were spent on renovating the building and turning it into a world-class nightclub. So you can expect no holds barred glamour, luxury and sophistication when you step inside. There’s even a ground floor cocktail bar in the club called Dirty Harry’s. You could get your night started there before heading into Paper itself. It’s not been reopened for too long, but it’s already become the place to be seen. People are desperate to get in – and any self-respecting party animal knows that there’s only one way to get into a top club. Yes, you’ll need to get yourself on the guest list.

Getting on the guest list

Getting your name on the Paper guest list doesn’t have to be tricky. You don’t need to know the right people or to say a magic word at the door. You just need to get in touch with an exclusive guest list provider like Velvet PR. They’ll take care of everything – all you need to do is give them your details, the date you want to party the night away at Paper and how many people you’re bringing along. After that, you can just look forward to your night out at the hottest club in London.

Get ready to party at Paper

With your Paper guest list booking, you can enjoy some drinks at the VIP only Glass Bar. This is separate to the main clubbing area, and is the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks and socialise with your friends before hitting the dancefloor. When you’re sipping on cocktails in this exclusive bar, you’ll see that getting your name on that list does reap many rewards. So if you’re planning a night out in the capital, be sure to arrange an evening of fun at Paper!