Making The Best Use Of Tubular Heaters

Deciding when the attributes of cost effective heating is appropriate

During the course of a given year, heating requirements can fluctuate so having access to background or ‘top up’ heating can be a big help in providing warmth cost effectively. Tubular heaters make for a low cost, unobtrusive solution in certain circumstances.

Various accessories such as mounting brackets, timers and guards add to their flexibility; suppliers such as these tubular heaters UK specialists offer the full range.

When are tubular heaters especially effective?

Background heat – tubular heaters are able to keep a space warm enough so keeping it frost free or comfortable in the colder weather.

Running the main central heating could be overkill (and expensive) just to prevent a couple of rooms from being too cold, so inexpensive tubular heaters are ideal. Some cost less than half a pence per hour to run.

Conservatories – ideal for providing a little background heat so warding off frost in the colder months, and can come in handy when certain spring or even summer evenings turn a little chilly.

Cupboards – due to their compact dimensions, tubular heaters are perfect for keeping cupboards warmer if low temperatures may harm certain stored items.

Kennels – while many animals can spend extended periods outdoors, in more colder conditions they may need extra warmth. Again, due to their compact size and ability to provide background heat, tubular heaters are the low cost answer.

Pets – if you have pets at home during the day, it is nice to keep one room warm for them, and for this, tubular heaters are a good option.

They’re available with guards so your pet won’t burn itself on the heater – or they could be mounted higher up out of their reach.

Outbuildings – so long as there’s a power supply, tubular heaters can be ideal for use here to keep frost at bay and make things more comfortable.

Tubular heaters are a useful heating option being cheap to run, compact and able to be powered through direct connection to the mains or via a three pin plug.