Luxury Watches For Women

Much choice and considerable style at the top end of the timepiece market


For those who wear a watch it’s more or less on permanent display and one of the first things put on and removed each day. A luxury watch may be just that – a luxury to be worn on special occasions – but others may like to have that touch of class on their wrist all day every day.


There’s plenty of stunning designs to choose from, and this sector of the timepiece market is populated with some legendary names.


Patek Philippe


A household name amongst top end watchmaking, Patek Philippe is a Swiss manufacturer that makes all of its own watch components and produces a number of stylish and individual watches for men and women.


Their record keeping system means if you buy a pre-owned example, you’ll be able to know who wore it before you – it may be royalty as, amongst others, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert owned Patek Philippe timepieces.


As with other luxury brands, it’s possible to buy a top-class example pre owned with a verifiable history; a specialist in luxury watches for women can help here.




A very strong brand in any market, the Rolex name is often amongst the first people may mention when they think of expensive and luxurious timepieces. Known for their chunky round dialed watches for men, they make a raft of svelte models for women designed to be elegant for all occasions.


Whilst another luxury Swiss watch maker, Rolex was originally formed through a two-man partnership in London – they’ve been based in Geneva since 1919.




Another Swiss make, this luxury watch maker dates back to the late 1800s and is primarily known for its precision chronometers (basically very tough timepieces able to maintain high standards of accuracy despite extremes of motion and temperature) designed for aircraft pilots.


All Breitling timepieces have a chronometer movement and the ladies’ range is no exception – and there’s a welter of choice from a range of stylish and feminine watches.




A powerful French brand synonymous with style and quality, their jewellery and watches make a popular choice for women. Kate Middleton wears its Ballon Bleu timepiece and a string of royal warrants have been awarded to the company from such countries as Russia, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Egypt and more.


A Cartier women’s watch makes a definite nod towards their stylish jewellery lineage, but quality manufacture and a range of stylish designs mean there’s something for every women’s taste.




Like the other prestige brands featured here, Piaget has a long and illustrious history. The company was founded in 1874 and originally made pocket watches and high precision clock movements until the founder’s son took over the company in 1911. Since then they’ve concentrated on wrist watch making.


The company is known for making ultra-thin watch movements having set various records over the years in this regard for the slenderness of its timepieces, some of which are extremely stylish models for ladies including the Limelight Gala in various finishes including rose or white gold.


More temptation


There are other luxury brands offering top class watches along with those discussed above, so there’s bound to be something to tempt. The great thing about a timepiece from a prestige brand is that it’s luxury that has an (ironically) timeless quality; certain aspects of fashion come and go but quality watches last for decades.