Luxury Style Planters For Your Front Garden

Faux lead plantersEmbrace The Trend Of Container Gardening With Some Quality Planters

Instantly brighten up your outdoor living space with some luxury planters that will add effortless elegance wherever you choose to use them.

Luxury garden planters add instant style to your front garden, regardless of how large or small the area is. Whether you’re looking to vamp up a small yard space on either side of your front door, or want to line an attractive front lawn, some quality planters are just what you need to create an impact.

The Benefits Of Garden Planters

However, planters also allow you to take part in the popular trend of container gardening. This technique involves growing plants exclusively in planters or other types of containers, rather than planting them in the ground at any point. By doing so, not only can you experiment with some truly wonderful and aesthetically-pleasing styles of containers, but you have the added benefit of eliminating most weed problems and reducing the possibility of your plants contracting soil-borne diseases. You can also obtain better control over sunlight, moisture and temperature if you are able to relocate the containers around your garden to better suit the needs of your plants.

Here we take a look at a variety of different planter styles that you might wish to add to your outdoor living space.

Bright Glazed Planters

Say goodbye to terra cotta. You can be sure to brighten up any outdoor environment with some colourful, glazed pots. Whether you want to add a few smaller ones to your window box full of edible herbs, or make a statement with large splashes of colour on your patio, glazed planters offer something for everyone. Blue and white planters provide a Mediterranean look, while reds and golds are an excellent way to create a Moroccan sanctuary in your garden. For a truly personalised touch, you can even decorate and glaze your own planters.

Faux Lead Planters

Gain instant sophistication in your front garden by dotting a few well-placed faux lead cube containers alongside a driveway. The traditional look of these planters will add elegance and an antique quality wherever you choose to use them. The faux lead material is made from fibreclay which is entirely weather-proof and can be used all year round. However, it is much lighter than stone or authentic lead, which makes these planters light enough to move around whenever you want to change things up.

Rustic Steel Containers

If you’re looking for timeless chic, then some rustic steel planters are an integral part of helping you achieve such a look. A rustic theme is extremely adaptable to the environment – if you have a city balcony garden, then some tall steel planters are an attractive way to display decorative grasses. However, a country garden would suit a steel crate with a vintage embossed emblem on it.

There are so many luxury planters on the market, that it can be difficult to know where to start. Begin by looking at the space you’ve got and the style that you wish to create. Have a think about what you might like to grow in your planters, whether it be fruit and vegetables or ornamental trees. There’s a container for everything and you can even upcycle items like old toolboxes, statues and wheelbarrows to help you achieve an entirely unique planter look. You can begin your container gardening project today, so choose your luxury planters and get started!