Inspiring Celebrity Kitchens

Getting ideas for your new bespoke kitchen from the rich and famous

Keith Richards' kitchen
Keith Richards’ kitchen

These days, the type of kitchen you can have in your home is limited only by your own imagination. By taking the bespoke kitchen design and installation route, you can create your ideal area for cooking, entertaining and generally relaxing.

Getting ideas and inspiration can sometimes be a challenge, but many celebrities have created some remarkable and – at times – weird and funky kitchens that you may find can provide the inspirational spark to set you on the way to your perfect kitchen design.

The importance of the kitchen

The kitchen is becoming more of a focal point in many homes, so getting it ‘just so’ is important and – with the help of an experienced bespoke kitchen designer and fitter – easily possible. If fitting a new kitchen isn’t on the agenda but you feel something of an upgrade or refresh is called for, again this is easily possible with the right help and materials.

For example, replacing your counter tops with a natural stone alternative such as quartz or granite can add a touch of luxury and style to an existing kitchen.

How celebrities can help

You may think it’s different for many well-known celebrities thanks to their usually fortunate financial circumstances, but checking any number of style and design websites and magazines containing photos of celebrities’ homes in general and their kitchens in particular can get those creative juices flowing.

You’ll quickly notice just by a quick glance at a page like this that celebrities use a myriad of styles, designs, colour schemes, materials and design flourishes. Celebrities often use the services of top designers and interior specialists, and in many ways this is where you can draw inspiration for your own kitchen.

A good designer is adept at combining the owner’s tastes and style with the space and property type the kitchen occupies, and their skills might help you with ideas when you examine various photos of their designs.

Styles and themes

Many strive for a coordinated style, and this may be expressed in the form of a ‘traditional’ look as in the case of actress Angela Lansbury’s traditional wooden look for her farmhouse-style retreat in Ireland. The classic look is completed with what look like dark natural stone worktops and a large, heavy looking wooden table as a focal point of the space.

Angela Lansbury kitchen
Angela Lansbury’s kitchen

Contrast this with designer Lauren Conrad’s striking all-white vintage style kitchen complete with retro sink and plain white wall tiles in her Beverly Hills penthouse, and you can easily see the welter of options and styles open to you.

Lauren Conrad’s kitchen
Lauren Conrad’s kitchen

Accessories and wall art

Along with the kitchen itself, detail touches can make a big difference. Wall art commensurate with the decor and style of the kitchen is an obvious way to personalise a space; you’ll notice some celebrities take this a stage further by having memorabilia and items from their travels and career. For example, it’s not uncommon for some musicians to have a guitar or a mandolin or two hanging up somewhere in their kitchen.

Combining your ideas with the expert

Expert kitchen designers and installers can take your ideas and preferences and help you create a kitchen to your budget. There’s no harm at all in drawing inspiration from the myriad of kitchen designs celebrities enjoy in their own homes whether you’re installing from scratch or revising your existing space.