Innovative Uses For Bifolding Doors

Ideas for how to make more of your home with flexible door options

Bifolding doors make for a space saving and highly flexible option in various areas around a property along with their popular use of providing access to a conservatory from outside. Because bifolding doors fold into themselves and they can be partly folded or unfolded, they make for a highly versatile access option.

What is a bifolding door?

As its name suggests, a bifolding door folds into itself in sections in a zig-zag fashion when closed. As with a sliding door, you move them laterally and they automatically fold as they close up to give access to the space beyond. They can be made almost entirely of glass such as these bifold doors from Caulfield or made from a non-transparent material such as wood and sit on a grooved track and slide back and forth when opened and closed.

Some innovative uses

A ‘no wall’ wall

Whether for a room such as a living room giving out to the garden or patio or for a conservatory, the ability of bifolding doors to fold in on themselves and disappear from view offers the chance to have a totally open wall from more or less one side of the room to the other.

This can look stunning and offers a practical and un-obstructed route out of the space to the outdoor area beyond.


You may not like the idea of your huge widescreen television dominating the lounge when not in use, so by siting it in an alcove you can conceal it with unfolding doors made of wood or other suitable material. Simply slide open when you’re ready to watch television – the fact the doors move out of the way completely makes for a better option than a conventional sliding door.

The same method can apply to other equipment such as stereos and home cinemas, and helps home security in that expensive equipment isn’t on show at all times.

Pop up home office

You may work from part of a room by day but wish to demarcate your living area so your work environment doesn’t encroach when looking to relax in the same space in the evenings and other downtimes. By siting your desk or work station in an alcove or a purpose built cupboard, you can conceal it with bifolding doors when not in use.

Again, the ease in which they can be opened and closed and the space saving way they fold in on themselves make bifolding doors ideal for when multiple use of a space is required such as when creating a stylish and flexible home office.

Creating illusions

The unobscured views afforded by unfolding doors mean you can really feel as if certain parts of the exterior are ‘mixed’ with the interior of your property. For example, bifolding doors running the width of a conservatory can make it appear as if the garden is part of the overall space.

The same can apply to swimming pools overlooked by an area opened up with bifolding doors. This can look especially good in the evenings if the pool is lit.


Bifolding doors offer various ways of configuring space so as to make the most of it and provide flexibility. For example, one large room can be partitioned off as and when you wish through careful siting of bifolding doors and made into one big space again in seconds when they’re fully or partially closed.

An aesthetic option

Bifolding doors come in various finishes, so they can easily look like an integral part of your environment even if they’re fitted after the rest of the space was designed and decorated.

Coloured wood frames to go with existing styles and decor is possible, as are various colour options along with aluminium and the fully glazed types often popular in doors to access outdoor areas from conservatories.