How to Choose a Reputable Tattoo Removal Company in London

Don’t Compound Mistakes – Make a Careful Choice for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Regret is a problem that does not have to be insurmountable. But choosing the right clinic is absolutely vital.

Tattoos are at an all-time high in popularity. Far from being the edgy subculture of the 1970s, it is estimated that as many as one in three people in the UK have a tattoo of some kind. Among the less probable famous names to be inked are Samantha Cameron, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and even Dame Helen Mirren.

Of course, with all those millions of tattoos, it is inevitable that a certain proportion will be ones the wearers go on to regret. We are always told that a tattoo is for life, but with advances in modern technology, laser tattoo removal in London has become a big business. If you are suffering from that debilitating condition, tattoo regret, it is possible to do something about it. However, the success of tattoo removal is wholly dependent on the skills and professionalism of those carrying out the procedure. Here’s how to make the right choice.

Experience is everything

As a relatively new discipline, tattoo removal is not a procedure that is currently regulated by the government. As such, there is no simple register of certified clinics. This means you have to do your homework to make sure you are committing yourself, and your ink, to people who really know what they are doing. There’s no beating the good old-fashioned recommendation, but also look closely at websites and choose a company that has been around for a long time.

Beware of unrealistic promises

If you encounter a clinic that guarantees complete success, your best course of action is to walk slowly away. With the most recent laser treatment, a good tattoo removal clinic can often achieve this, but none can completely guarantee it, so be very suspicious of any that do.

Use the right technology

There has been plenty of debate about the best technology for laser tattoo removal. For the fastest and most effective result, look for a clinic that uses a picosecond laser. This will get the job done far more quickly than older laser technology, and will be kinder on your skin in the long term. Picosecond lasers are not cheap, often costing six figure sums, so any clinic that uses this technology is clearly taking its business seriously and is in the market for the long term.

Know the director

A reputable clinic will tell you exactly who is in charge. If the company provides the name and background of its director, you know that he or she will provide guidance, leadership and quality standards for the clinic. If there is not this level of clarity or the clinic is in any way reluctant to share information about its director, alarm bells should start to ring.

Understand the cost

Laser tattoo removal is not something to be taken lightly, and simply going for the cheapest option you can find will almost certainly be a recipe for disaster. But that doesn’t mean the clinic can simply charge you anything. Pricing policies should be transparent so that you know exactly what the procedure is going to cost you.