Grab An Autumn Garden Furniture Bargain

Why Now Is The Best Time To Shop

As the weather cools down, it’s time to start furniture shopping for next summer. Yes, really!

It seemed like only a few weeks ago we were gearing up for the arrival of summer, and now autumn is well and truly here! The summer months may pass quickly, but we do like to make the most of them. Whether you like to spend some lazy afternoons sunbathing or you throw barbecues and invite your closest friends and family, summer is the time when we really embrace the great outdoors. So when the time comes to put away the garden furniture, it’s easy to forget about it until next year. If you want a bargain though, now is the time to go shopping!

Manufacturers are keen to sell their remaining 2017 stock

For those in the know, autumn is the best time to snap up some outdoor furniture at an incredible price. As the demand for garden furniture slows with the dropping temperatures, manufacturers thoughts turn to the following year.  While they are busy planning their ranges for the next summer, they focus on shifting any remaining stock they have left in their warehouses or stores. This is so they can get their new products straight onto the shelves with no delays. As they’re so keen to sell their remaining stock, they often dramatically cut their prices. So you can purchase some brand new pieces of garden furniture for a fraction of the price they were a few months ago!

Kit your garden out with time to spare

Buying your garden furniture now means you can be prepared for next summer. We’re all guilty of impulse or panic buying, and when the weather hots up you just want to get out there and make the most of it straight away. By buying your patio furniture now, you’ll be able to take advantage of the sunshine as soon as it appears. As you’ll be getting it at such a good price, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a few more pieces too. Whereas earlier on in the year you may have had to choose between a new recliner or a table thanks to a limited budget, you’ll be able to get so much more for your money right now. So take some time to plan what you need in your garden. Do you prioritise dining, sunbathing, socialising or need furniture to serve the entire family’s needs? Once you’ve identified what you require, draw up a list and start shopping!

Storing your furniture

If you’re worried about storing your new furniture over the winter, don’t let that put you off buying it now. Most pieces fold down for easy storage, and as long as you keep anything soft like cushions out of the cold and wet, they’ll look great when they’re unveiled next summer. Remember, if you buy from a trusted manufacturer like Garden Furniture Compare they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about caring for your new purchases.

You’ll thank us next year!

It might not seem the obvious time to shop for something you won’t use until next year, but it really is the smart option. When you’re enjoying the warm weather and your brand new furniture next summer, it will feel extra special because of the low price you paid for it. When you tell your friends just how much money you’ve saved, your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood! So snap up a bargain now, before the best pieces sell out.