Estate Agents: Why They’re Required When Selling a Property

How a local property professional can help you sell effectively

The rise of online-only estate agents and the possibility of the ‘do it yourself’ route may cause some property sellers to consider these as opposed to the ‘traditional’ town centre estate agent.

While cost savings may sound tempting, there are certain key reasons why a local professional is still the best option when looking to sell quickly for the best price.

Possible false cost savings going online

While online-only agents may promise lower fees than their bricks and mortar counterparts, bear in mind the support and ‘hands on’ help isn’t the same.

It would be all too easy to mismanage the crucial price negotiation phase and end up with less for your property than an experienced professional with knowledge of the local market such as these Shenfield estate agents could get for you.

This alone could offset any cost savings through going online.

Marketing support

Your local property professional will market your property on major portals such as Rightmove – these aren’t open to those endeavoring to sell their property themselves – along with their own website and print media.

Your agent will also promote your property direct to buyers on their list; invaluable as they can recommend your property as soon as it’s on the market to people knowingly looking for a house like yours.

Property sales advice

As part of their service, an estate agent will provide advice on how to prepare your home for sale based on what’s known to appeal to potential buyers.

It could be simple things like having a major declutter, a deep clean or perhaps some basic redecoration to cheer up some dingier rooms and make the property look brighter and bigger.

Perhaps they’ll suggest you improve the all-important ‘kerb appeal’ by attending to some basic tidying up or repainting outside.

Advice like this can help your property sell faster and may not cost much to implement; your agent wouldn’t suggest you spend money unless it’s necessary.

Qualify buyers

This is important to ensure – as far as possible – only those interested in your type of property and with the potential to complete a purchase make it to the viewing stage.

If you or your agent (or a combination of both if you’re sharing the ‘hosting’ of viewings) are spending time with people, then you’ll want to ensure they’re properly qualified potential buyers.

Negotiate offers

The above will of course be even more important when it comes to fielding offers.

Your agent will know how ‘well placed’ your potential buyer is; do they have funding in place? Have they sold their property? Are they in a chain?

This information is vital when it comes to assessing more than one offer; your agent can advise on who is the best placed buyer and balance this against what offers you’re getting. Maybe it’s best to take a slightly lower offer from the buyer who has sold their property and can proceed rather than the higher offer from another who is in a chain?

Keep the sale moving

An agent worth their salt will consider their job is just starting once a sale has been agreed.

In order to keep things moving and to the required deadlines it often takes someone keeping on top of others involved in the process such as solicitors and surveyors.

Your agent will know from experience where hold ups and snags can occur and will move swiftly to free these up. They want the sale to proceed just as smoothly and quickly as you do – the difference is they’re able to help this happen. 

With all the above as part of the service, it’s clear to see why your local property professional is still the best option for an efficient property sale.