Creative Ways To Use Embroidery To Decorate And Personalise

Practical Embroidery Ideas

Embroidery is a relaxing hobby that anyone can learn to enjoy. It requires no specialist skills other than practice and patience. The craft boosts your creative spirit and is an excellent stress-buster. However, as calming as the act of embroidering can be, the best reason to take it up as a pastime is to feel pride in the finished projects that you have completed.

There are many embroidery kits on the market that are perfect for beginners or those who are returning to the craft. Yet, there are also heaps of practical embroidery ideas for those who feel a little more creative and perhaps want to add a personalised touch to something. Be inspired by some of the following examples.


embroidered jacket from All From GraceEmbroidered clothing is no stranger to the fashion industry, but often those who wear it have purchased it from outlets that have mass-produced a line of garments. If you would like to personalise your wardrobe in 2017, then consider adding embroidery to some basic items which will give them a little extra sparkle.

The embroidery project can be as large or small as you wish – a child may wish for you to add their name in giant letters to the back of a hoodie, whilst adults may prefer a subtle embroidered motif to brighten up a winter skirt or top. That being said, embroidery is becoming bolder in modern fashion and starting to appear in adult clothing, as can be seen in this stunning embroidered jacket (pictured), with embroidered flowers and butterflies.

When embroidering clothing, it is always important to select the type of material with care. Delicate fabrics won’t handle dense stitching very well, whereas thicker textiles such as jeans will struggle with a delicate pattern. Instead, choose medium-weight fabrics such as cotton, linen or light denim.

Gift Ideas

What is more special than receiving a personalised gift? When someone hands you a customised piece of embroidery that has taken them time to complete, it really shows that they care. There are plenty of practical ways to use embroidery to add a personalised touch to an otherwise ordinary item. You may want to stitch a baby’s name and date of birth onto a blanket, babygrow or set of muslin cloths.  Alternatively, you could add a special pattern to a set of tea towels or luggage tags to give as a birthday or Christmas present.

Household Items

Decorate your home with your embroidery creations. This includes mounting and framing those first beginner embroidery projects that you took from a kit. You can hang them proudly in a hallway for your family and visitors to admire. However, there are many other ways to add embroidery to your home furnishings. Cushions that are embroidered are a wonderful addition to any sofa and are a real conversation piece when you invite guests over. A set of embroidered white pillowcases or duvet covers will also look fantastic in your bedrooms.

Hand Embroidery Vs Machine Embroidery

Although the process involved in hand and machine embroidery is different, the finished result of a project is extraordinarily similar and it can be impossible for most people to tell who was responsible for moving the needle. Hand embroidery is relaxing, but it can also be frustrating as it takes some considerable time. Machine embroidery on the other hand provides impressive completed projects much more rapidly, which gives an immediate sense of satisfaction. Brother embroidery machines will help you complete any creative piece with ease and are an excellent investment for anyone interested in this craft.

If you’re looking for a way to progress your basic embroidery skills this year, then get a little more creative and personal with your choice of project in 2017 and start stitching!