Creating Photographic Wall Art

Planning A Stunning Display That Complements Your Home

Budding photographers will want a chance to proudly display their work, and what better way than creating a striking wall display?

The new year has unveiled a fresh set of trends in the interior design world. But one trend that is standing strong is the use of photographic wall art to decorate your home. Whether you choose to hang a single canvas, a group of frames or a montage made up of unusual shaped and sized prints, the choice is yours to explore.

Planning The Space

Before you begin printing or hanging your wall art, have a good look at the space you wish to fill as this will play a big part in your decision-making process. You’ll want to make sure that your wall art has the chance to shine and won’t be cluttered by other paintings or hangings. Also of consideration is the background to your wall art – will you be hanging it on patterned wallpaper, a solid colour or brickwork? If the background is busy, then a simple and large canvas would work well to reduce the chance of it looking a bit too chaotic. Conversely, if you have a solid colour to work with, then you might want to include an asymmetrical display of photos which can be extremely intriguing to the eye.

Interior Colours

Take a look around the room and make a note of your colour scheme; your wall art can act as a fantastic way to highlight a certain shade. For example, if you’d like your photos to offer a blue-toned accent, then you might choose landscape shots of a beautiful lakeview, or if you’re going for a portrait photo, then your subjects could be wearing blue clothing. It’s important to ensure that the dominant colour in your photos is in harmony with your overall design so that there are no unpleasant clashes.

Choosing The Frames

The right frames are essential to the success of your wall art as a feature. Not only are they important in ‘framing’ the shot, but they’re also a key decorative element in their own right. If you’re opting for wood frames, then they must fit in with your overall décor. If you have a beautiful mahogany dresser, then a pine wall art frame will look instantly out of place. Your wall art frames are also an opportunity to convey the style of your interior design – are you going for contemporary or classic? Metal or an unusual frame made out of sustainable materials would look fantastic in a modern home, whereas if you’re going for the more traditional, then stick with wood.

Choosing Your Shots

You may already have a number of images that you’re looking to proudly display. In this case, you can make the decision whether to choose a single image and have it printed on a large canvas. If you have a similar set of shots – perhaps a landscape view taken at different times of the day, then you might prefer to display a series of photos in a uniform pattern. Or where you have lots of snaps you wish to include, the fun is in selecting a variety of compositions that complement each other.

If you’re starting your photographic wall art project from scratch and have yet to take any photos at all to include in your display, then it’s important that you have a reliable camera that suits the type of shot you’re going for. As you might expect, the latest cameras are capable of taking the most advanced photos. If you’re in the market for a new model but are worried about the pricetag, try offsetting the cost by visiting a reputable sell my Nikon camera site which will provide you with a decent price to put towards your new kit.

Creating your photo art may take a bit of planning but it’s a lot of fun, and you’ll find it rewarding when visitors to your home comment on your beautiful display.