Create a Personalised Map Heart For The Traveller In Your Life

Show them you care with a meaningful and memorable gift

Instead of buying a generic off-the-shelf present, create a personalised map heart for a special gift that they’ll treasure forever.

Buying a birthday, valentines or anniversary present for that special person in your life can seem like a bit of a minefield, particularly if they’re one of those people who already seem to have everything.

Taking inspiration from somebody’s hobbies or interests is always a useful starting point, and if they love travelling there are some great options out there. You could go down the generic or practical route with a travel journal, camera or some stylish luggage. But if you’re looking for a gift that is both meaningful and memorable, why not get them a personalised map heart.

A thoughtful gift

Created from ordnance survey maps or vintage maps, this thoughtful gift is ideal for those who have a healthy dollop of wanderlust. To create your map heart simply choose a location or locations that has special meaning to the recipient, such as their favourite travel destination, site of their first solo trip, or even your first holiday together. A map of the location is then cut into a heart shape and mounted on card, ready to present to your loved one. You can choose from a range of frames, and you can even personalise your gift further with a special engraved or printed message.

While these map hearts may be perfect for travel lovers, they’re actually really versatile and are a great gift for anyone, even if your loved one’s idea of travel is a week in Margate. The locations you choose don’t have to be exotic – just meaningful. You could choose where you met, where you had your first date, your favourite place to visit together, your first home, or, if you’re married, where you got engaged or tied the knot. The possibilities are endless. And, speaking of weddings, these hearts make a great gift for the paper-themed first anniversary!

It’s personal

These beautiful map hearts are just one of many personalised options out there today. Online shopping has made personalisation quicker and easier than ever before and the personalised gift business has boomed in recent years, with almost 30 million adults in the UK purchasing personalised gifts each year.

It’s easy to understand why personalised gifts are so popular. Unlike a generic, off-the-shelf gift, a personalised option shows the recipient that you have put time, thought and effort into creating a present that is just right for them – and research has shown that those on the receiving end of a personalised gift feel special and are likely to keep the gift for longer than they would a non-personalised one.

Another advantage of going down the personalised route is that you are almost guaranteed to create a gift that is truly unique, making it all the more meaningful and memorable for the lucky recipient. And, unlike many other gift options, personalised gifts are suitable for everyone as they can be tailored to match a person’s age, gender, tastes and interests.

In short, a thoughtful personalised gift is something that the recipient is likely to treasure forever. So, instead of hitting the shops for your next gift, think creatively and give something that is truly personal to the one you love.