Budget Ideas For Team Bonding Events

Team Building Isn’t Just For Huge Corporations

Easy and affordable ways to improve employee engagement and productivity which require no investment other than your time and support.

Are you looking to get the most out of your team members, but find that they’re demotivated and lack engagement? This is a problem facing multiple businesses and it affects the bottom line significantly. Keeping your employees happy and encouraged is key to improving productivity in the workplace; in fact, a Gallup survey found that teams with high engagement rates are up to 21% more productive, which can only be good news for your business.

It is well-known that one of the best ways to improve communication and efficiency is to invest in team-building by taking your staff outside of the workplace and allowing them to socialise and develop their strengths in an informal setting. But is this sort of bonding experience only open to huge corporations who have wads of excess cash to spend? Absolutely not. Here are some affordable team building activities to try.


Millennials are attracted to companies that are willing to engage in philanthropic activities and give back to society. By choosing a charity to partner with, you can have your team connect with others and work towards a goal that is bigger than their everyday roles. For example, your staff could spend a few hours volunteering at a soup kitchen, visiting a care home or perhaps organising litter-picking in the local community. Watch your team bond with their colleagues as they take pride in what they accomplish as a group.

Compliment Circle

If communication is lacking in the workplace, then encourage your staff to learn how to talk to each other. Sit your team in a circle and ask them to take it in turns to go around the group mentioning something positive that they admire about their colleagues. They must then also provide a piece of constructive feedback that each person could work on. Each person must listen quietly and receive the feedback without interruption. By being honest in a polite and open setting, the messages delivered should be well-received and offer food for thought about how to improve performance, while feeling pleased at the skills that their colleagues admire most about them.

Get Active

When the sun comes out, it’s time to head to the park. If possible, close the office for the day, or at least a couple of hours early and take the opportunity to get your staff moving. Staying active and being surrounded by nature is an important way to boost both the physical and mental health of your staff, but it’s a great chance to bond too. Pack a picnic, take along a rounders set and encourage some good old-fashioned competition in some team sports. Watch as your staff members work together to try and beat the other team and you might even be surprised at who your natural leaders are.

Quiz Night

It’s up to you whether you hold this within office hours, or simply head to the nearest pub that is holding a quiz night. Either way, dividing your workers into teams and encouraging them to put their heads together, attempting to win the prize on offer is a really fun way to spend a couple of hours. Be amazed by the unusual question categories that your employees excel at, and you might even be impressed by their problem-learning skills.

The best thing about budget team bonding activities, is that none of them require much planning, other than setting a date. So, if you want an immediate boost in employee engagement and productivity, then start organising your next event as soon as possible.