British Summer BBQ’s: What’s on the Menu?

It’s that time of year again where the British summertime starts to provide us with the regular option of living, dining and entertaining outside. No matter how small our outside space may be, the option of entertaining in the sunshine starts to become a tantalising reality and we all dive into a frenzied mode of outside cleaning and clearing. The furniture is uncovered, and gardens are tidied ready for the first BBQ of the year. Bring out the trumpets and let’s celebrate!

With so many choices available for your BBQ it’s really easy to come up with a great varied menu that strays far away from just burgers and sausages! And with a little thought you can easily cook up a treat which will impress your family and friends. However, if your numbers are growing and your hosting a BBQ event, at a fete or fair, you may want to supplement your BBQ offerings with a good selection of sandwiches. Ready-made platters are a fabulous option from sandwich catering London and will ensure your guests are able to nibble and graze whilst waiting for your BBQ delights.

Of course, if you want to keep burgers and sausages on the menu then I would definitely recommend jazzing up the tried and tested options, and at the very least offer home-made burgers and have alternative meat free options to hand, so you can cater for veggies and non-veggies alike. Adding hickory BBQ sauce, garlic chilli ketchup, homemade onion rings or smoked cheese (Gouda is delicious and compliments the BBQ’d meats deliciously) will add an extra blast of flavour to your creations. If you want to cook sausages then go all out, choosing the best sausages for BBQing and have plenty of sauces and complimenting dips to hand. The most delicious sausage for grilling on a BBQ has to be the German Knackwurst sausage, with its garlic infused smoked beef or pork these sausages come pre-cooked, and so only need a quick reheat on the BBQ, making a quick and delicious snack.

However, if you prefer to up the ante and provide your BBQ guests with something different then why not try a mix of breads, fish, cheeses and chicken. Intrigued and worried it may be hard? Relax, It’s really simple. For a selection of BBQ bread, take a French stick or individual buns and slice or cut them in half. Cover liberally with butter, crushed garlic and brush with pesto and olive oil. Next season with crushed sea salt and sprinkle over freshly cut parsley and wrap in tin foil. Leave this for approx. 10 mins on the BBQ to dish up a great side dish. Alternatively, BBQing Halloumi is a delicious addition to any salads or potatoes (potatoes are amazing wrapped in foil and left to bake in the coals!) lightly grill the Halloumi on both sides and serve when warm. Finally, fish dishes can make a great alterative to standard BBQ meats. From prawns on skewers as an easy starter, through to salmon or halibut you won’t be disappointed. However, if cooking salmon for the best results make sure to glaze this with soy sauce and brown sugar and for Halibut cover this with a butter enriched coriander or a garlic cheese sauce.