Apartment Designers Are Bringing Class Back To Chelsea

Luxury apartment renovations in south west London

Talented designers are conducting impressive apartment renovations, creating classy and elegant homes in one of London’s most expensive neighbourhoods.

Located in west London on the north banks of the Thames, Chelsea is an expensive, well-heeled neighbourhood, populated with multi-million-pound townhouses and their incredibly wealthy inhabitants.

Once famous for its art galleries, celebrities and annual flower show, in recent years, Chelsea has perhaps been better known for the reality TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’, which has arguably put a slight dent in Chelsea’s refined and upper-class reputation and, according to some research has even deterred house hunters from purchasing in the area.

However, talented apartment designers are using their skills to bring class back to Chelsea, creating beautiful, glamorous homes that are sure to attract discerning buyers.

Understated luxury

When it comes to creating a classy, luxury home, hiring an interior designer can make all the difference, as this impressive apartment renovation in Chelsea demonstrates. The look is all about understated luxury, sticking with the adage that those with money don’t need to shout about it. We’re talking expensive materials, exquisite finishes and classy statement pieces, rather than anything that is overtly flashy.

Neutral tones

The colour scheme plays a key role in creating this understated elegance. In this particular apartment, the designer has gone for a spectrum of classy neutrals, including varying shades of cream, mink and sand, which help to emphasise the generous proportions of this four-bedroom apartment. These subtle tones are punctuated with contrasting shades of plum and dark wood furniture to add interest and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Clever lighting

Lighting is an important element of any interior renovation, and this apartment is no different. As well as the natural light provided by the full-length bay windows, the living area also benefits from a range of clever lighting options that fit perfectly with the understated décor, from elegant wall lights and corner lamps to large, statement light fittings that draw the eye upwards.

Minimalist kitchen

For the kitchen, minimalism is the order of the day, but that’s not to say it’s boring. A sleek, white integrated dining table and matching chairs are contrasted with dark kitchen cabinets and an impressive American-style stainless steel fridge. A series of silver globe light fittings add a touch of fun to this stark space and focus the light where it’s needed most.

Boutique bathrooms

In contrast to the light, minimalistic kitchen, the apartment’s smaller bathroom has been given a boutique look reminiscent of a luxury hotel. High quality charcoal grey wallpaper is combined with dark marble-effect surfaces to create a glamorous, intimate atmosphere. An above the sink mirror reflects the light, helping the room to seem bigger than it really is, and preventing it from seeming too dark.

The main bathroom continues the marble theme, with brown marble tiles adorning every available surface. A double sink, impressive bath tub, and mirror running the length of the room provide those additional luxurious touches that make all the difference.

Making a statement

While the overall feel of this apartment is understated, it still manages to incorporate some statement pieces which help it to stand out from the crowd, from bold mirrors to complementary pieces of art. In particular, the designer has employed bespoke carpentry throughout the apartment, including walk-in wardrobes and a stunning headboard for the master bedroom’s emperor-size bed.

By concentrating on quality finishes, neutral colours and carefully chosen statement pieces, this apartment designer has successfully created a contemporary classic home that is both stylish and functional.

If this project has inspired you, why not take the next step and find out how an interior designer could help you to achieve the apartment renovation you’ve always wanted.