5 Reasons Brits Retire To France

Be Tempted By The Food, The Weather And The Quality Of Life

Many of us have visited France at least once, but if you’ve never thought of retiring here, consider these reasons to do so.

France is the second most popular country for Brits to retire to after Spain. Current figures suggest that there are 160,000 British expats who have already organised their removals to France and are living there permanently; a substantial number of these are of retirement age. It’s easy to see why France is such a favourable destination for those who have completed their working lives. Here are some of the top reasons why Brits are making the move.

Delectable Cuisine

Whilst we all love a curry, and a portion of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper by the seaside, nothing compares to the standard of food you can enjoy in France every day. You don’t need to be dining in Michelin-starred restaurants, although there are certainly plenty of those to visit too. From the fromageries, to the boulangeries and patisseries, you can easily spend the morning hopping around your local town, stocking up on some incredible delicacies. Food is celebrated here, and for good reason – it’s both fresh, and delicious.

Warmer Climes

France is a large country with varying climates in each region, but on average it is warmer than the UK. Areas such as the French Riviera in the south of the nation boast the best climate and you could expect to still be experiencing temperatures of 21C at the end of October, in comparison to Cornwall’s 14C.


Excellent Transport System

Us Brits may be proud that our Tube system is the oldest in the world, but unfortunately it shows. No-one wants to waste their retirement years waiting for trains that don’t show up due to leaves on the line; but luckily, France’s transport system is fantastic. SNCF trains are a popular and speedy way to travel across the country, but if you’re happy to take your time and explore a bit, then retirees will love to take a driving holiday across the nation. You can travel through the most idyllic French countryside, visiting vineyards and charming towns along the way. The roads are very quiet, and when you hit the autoroutes, you’ll find them fast-moving and easy to navigate.

Relaxed Pace Of Life

Unless you’re in Paris, where admittedly there is still a certain level of hustle and bustle, the rest of the country has an incredibly relaxed vibe to it. French life is for living, it’s about being happy with your routine and your surroundings and simply enjoying the little things in life. French workers retire approximately four years before Brits as there is an incredible emphasis on making the most of life – working to live, rather than living to work. According to French site, ‘The Local’ 63% of expats who were surveyed, consider that their quality of life has improved since moving to France.

quiet French street


With extra time on your hands as a retiree, there’s plenty of opportunity to hit the shops while living in France. Shopping isn’t just about strolling down Avenue Georges V armed with dozens of boutique bags; the rest of France is a mecca for shoppers. Out-of-town shopping outlets are popular and are a great place to stock up on fashion bargains, while many of the cities offer grandiose arcades lined with chic stores to browse around.

France has so much to offer for those who have completed their careers – why not sit back and enjoy life just as much as the French do?